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DJ Wich, Nironic - Begin Again

Pridané 15.07.2012 | Za 24 hodín 0 zobrazení 529
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DJ Wich, Nironic, C
Be Brief
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Text skladby (Lyrics)

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Rock !!!!
I can't rest till I'm, so far ahead I don't need for a coin jar
Paid in full like I don't know what coins are
Pray god embrace me not hastefully judge
Had to knock down some walls that they said couldn't be budged
I accept my hate it was birthed in my love
Cause I been myself when one rarely does
It was getting dark start slacking in momentum
The name on my denim the price and how I win 'em
My goals at home I'm in the car driving
Life best lived if not then get dieing
If you ain’t living think about trying
Fuck speeding through little nigga I'm flying
It's Occam's Razor major I'm flavor
Ride through the city give praise I'm your savior
I'm the one see it in my behavior
Sit down shut the fuck up do me a favor
Rock !!!!

They would stop me if they knew that I was talking like this
Aero m.c smith way walking like this
I too fly they too lame it insane to exist
And share the same space like the veins in my wrist
Get at me, I'm speaking to you all fuck a demographic
The pen is magic now let us enter traffic
Speeding through life, like I mean to do right
Still drinking out smoking E sipping nose white
Been bad so long it's bout time it goes right
I start with good intentions but my patience goes night
Trends set in waves so I surf in and save
Let some chicken Lawry and hot sauce be my grave
Fuck it for fucks sake should have already been paid
Should have been some where posted letting off in the made
I know nobody perfect but I work to make grade
That's all that is I ain't trying to throw shade
Niggas hate when I'm like this I do the most damage
I get up on the microphone and start acting manish
Nomad 2 this the long way home
I was born a king nigga this the trip to the thrown


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