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Sway - Level Up

Pridané 5.07.2012 | Za 24 hodín 0 zobrazení 538
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Text skladby (Lyrics)

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We level up, up, up
We level up, up, up

Yeah, we level up!
I`m gonna climb up the levels, go harder
Lights flash every time we go fast
I`ll never lose the game, I`m gonna last
So let`s start, we level up!

All over the radio and back up in raves again
We got the crowd on a wave like it`s a stadium
Call me the weather man it`s about to be a great weekend
I`m on the cloud, let`s make it rain again
Yeah, we level up!

Nice but naughty, shirts and dresses looking saucy
Living in our minuses, cause life begins at 40, level up.
Call me Bond, James Bond
How I mantain, I tell them winner stays on
My brain racing like I`m trying to win the gold for Britain, yes.
On a one track mind, let`s go the distance
We`re only stopping when we pose for pictures
And now we move so wavy, we get motion sickness.


Feeling like I just won the lotto
Pop a bottle and make them say Ahhh like I`m your dentist
[ From: ]
Keys to the suite, you call me Alan Sugar
Yeah we`re firing tonight, and I might need an apprentice
Reunion, old school and uni friends
It`s your excuse to act like hoologans
Bend and break the rules again
Parties just getting started at 2am
Walking up at noon next to.. Who are you again?

Looking in the mirror and I feel like I`m famous
I got thet glimmer in my eye like I ain`t afraid of danger
Today could be the day that everything changes
I`m trying to move up to the hills where idols become neighbours
One moment, your whole world rearranges
You feel like you graduated Oxford or Cambridge
Forever roll the dice and have it looking like Vegas
You win some you lose some, but only winners take risks.

I start making calls I`ve been waiting on for ages
Phone starts popping and I`m gossiping with strangers
And I know now I`m out getting wasted
All of these flasing lights popping up in places
Always forgetting names, especially with ladies
Aha...Whats`s your name again? Name again?
My house, la la la lights out, Wake up in tee saying touch me i`m famous
Hey stranger, where you`ve been? Long time no see
Time to level up
I`m in the game, play to win
Another round on me.



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